5 features you do not know about “Google Flights” business

5 features you do not know about “Google Flights”

Google Flights is one of the best sites you can rely on while traveling. It combines the best travel features and helps the user to book his or her best seat at the destination of the trip, as well as to offer the prices of all airlines.

1. Reservation flexibility
When you visit Google Flights, you can select your destination first, then select the travel time that suits you best, and the site automatically shows the ticket prices and offers available for that trip. You can also see flight quotes by clicking on the arrows in the boxes with ease and effortlessly.
2. Flight details
The site provides all the details of the flight, the user can determine the number of people and any degree he wants to travel, you can choose between economy class and business class in addition to the first class.
3. Best deal
After selecting the destination you want to travel to and booking your travel, the site gives you advice on the best deal you can get, including but not limited to destination Dubai to Jeddah and we specify the time and date of the trip. To make a reservation to Taif to save money, and also to nominate flights that are less expensive to the user.
4. Tracking flights
If you’re not ready to book now, Google Flights can see dates, paths, and other parameters, and email you whenever there’s a price change.
5. Predicting flight delays
If you’re looking for a specific flight, Google can review any delays for the trip, where the site predicts the causes and duration of the delay. These forecasts are based on historical flight data that Google uses to predict when this information is not available from the airline.

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