How much money do Apple, Google and Facebook earn per second? business

How much money do Apple, Google and Facebook earn per second?

Have you ever wondered about the profit of tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft,and Facebook?. The answer to this question comes with an increasing of the numbers of profits; its total profit is more than $ 140,000 every minute and $ 2,000 every second.

The biggest gainer is Apple, which makes about 50 percent of that profit, according to a recent study. The results were published by the Daily Mail, citing the Penny Stocks Lab, and review the huge profits of major technology companies.

The highest annual profit in history

Apple was the leader among these companies, surpassed by the ExxonMobile global oil and gas last year, Apple has achieved the highest annual profit achieved by a company in history, according to the newspaper quoted the “Telegraph” British.

The company recorded record sales for its new iPhone, which helped it to make a profit of $ 53.4 billion, while ExxonMobile ended the year with $ 16.2 billion and Apple’s 2008 net profit of $ 45.2 billion .

Some experts say Twitter’s earnings are down because the company uses a large percentage of its revenue to compensate for the shares, which are draining its expenses, reported.

In 2014, Twitter paid its employees $ 631 million in shares, equivalent to about 45% of its revenue. Although the number of Twitter users increased by 4 million new users according to the fourth quarter report, although the company raised profits by 58%, this is not enough. “Twitter is a product that has not fully developed into a public company, either because of poor strategy or poor implementation,” says Stefel Nicholas, of investment banking in New York.

What are the profits of Internet giants last year?

Last year Apple also had the largest share of profits, earning $ 18 billion in the fourth quarter of last year. While Microsoft’s profits reached $ 5 billion over the same period. Facebook increased its profits from $ 3.85 billion in early 2015 to $ 5.84 billion in the fourth quarter.

Alphabet was crowned the world’s most expensive company, with a market value of $ 547.1 billion, surpassing Apple’s $ 529.3 billion.

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