IKEA founder success story from selling match to the throne of furniture industry in the world business

IKEA founder success story from selling match to the throne of furniture industry in the world

Many of us have heard of IKEA, the world’s leading furniture manufacturer, with a yellow label on the famous blue background. It is known that it produces and sells ready-made home furniture, cookware and toilets in its retail stores around the world. A furniture manufacturer in the world.

But did one of you ever wonder about the beginnings of that giant edifice ?, who built this myth of home furnishings ?, and what is IKEA’s success story? Which is the largest furniture manufacturer in the world, and who is the owner of its idea and founder ?, What is the secret of its spread around the world?

The founder of IKEA, the giant edifice that swept through the world of furniture, started from nothing and reached everything. In 2007, he became the fourth richest man in the world. He is Mr. Ingvar Camper, owner and founder of IKEA, the global furniture manufacturer.


Birth and birth:                                                                   

He was born in 1926 to a German family living in southern Sweden. He was raised at his grandfather’s farm, called Almeltarid, in the province of Smoland. Inger’s birth coincided with poor economic conditions in Sweden. Many values, such as poverty, hard work and equality, He is still five years old and has a slender economic sense.

It is impressive that Ingvar Kamprad started his career at the age of six, selling matches on his bicycle in his neighborhood. When he began to feel profitable, he decided to expand by buying matches from Stockholm in bulk and then retailing them at a reduced price so that his profits would increase.

With a thoughtful mind, the 10-year-old was able to expand his business, sell flower seeds, Christmas decorations, and fish to become a worthy merchant. Gradually, when he was 17 years old, his father gave him a small sum of money as a reward for his success. Time, and set up his own company that he called IKEA and is on his uncle’s kitchen table.

The start of IKEA: Ikea is the abbreviation for the initials of his name, his father’s name, the name of his father’s grandfather’s farm, and his home town of INGVAR Kambrad (Elmtaryd, Agunnaryd). In the local furniture industry of forest wood nearby in 1950.


In 1952, IKEA launched a range of low-priced furnishings in Stockholm through its St. Eric exhibition, A year later, the first IKEA exhibition was opened in Sweden.

By 1955, Ingvar had been hostile to some Swedish furniture buyers to sell furniture at reduced prices. Kamprad had adopted himself and began designing furniture in his company after receiving the raw materials from suppliers’ merchants, but with the size of IKEA Enger could not work under the cover of darkness. Buy good wood for IKEA stores.

One of IKEA’s most distinctive features was that it was made into easy-to-fit furniture and a piece of furniture along with the usual furniture. IKEA’s shops were known for their interest in customers by offering coffee and cakes. Camprad’s intelligence was beyond description, The man with the giant edifice has dyslexia, a difficulty in learning and reading.

IKEA approaches globalism:

In the 1960s and 1970s, many branches of IKEA were opened. Gradually, the branches expanded to include the European continent and then moved to the world. At the opening of the IKEA branch in Shanghai, the branch visited more than 80,000 people. Today there are more than 300 stores around the world. Arab and Western countries showcase IKEA products.

The IKEA Children’s Series was launched in the 1990s and began to focus on children’s furniture, catering to the needs of families with children. By 2000, IKEA entered markets such as Japan and Russia, and IKEA became the chair of the furniture industry.

Despite all this success, owner IKEA did not believe in extravagance, and invites everyone to a life of simplicity, so IKEA tastes and prices that are not competitive, and because each horse is a tycoon Edmund Enjvar to drink alcohol, but by 2004 he announced his control of the situation.

Until 2013 when the founder of IKEA announced that he would step down from managing the company for his three children, believing that the flag should be delivered to the youth, especially after close to 90 years of age, and decided to return from where he started to his small town where calm and comfort.

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