Dubai Development Story culture

Dubai Development Story

“The need is the mother of invention” is the starting point in the development of Dubai from the land of Falah to the capital of creativity in the world. Dubai suffered in 1960 from the decline of oil revenues, and Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum used the Government of Kuwait to finance Dubai, and this support is the reason to mobilize the genius of this shrewd man to put an economic strategy plan to dispense with Dubai on oil revenues. Today we witness the realization of the dreams of Sheikh Rashid. How?

The development constitution does not have depleted resources that we rely on entirely to progress, so Dubai will not develop until it relinquishes oil as this resource is depleted. This means striving to diversify sources of income from different industries. The focus was on building an integrated infrastructure to accommodate Sheikh Rashid’s ambitions. In the port of Dubai to facilitate the transfer of goods between countries and opened factories for uranium and oil derivatives, and the result was that these industries attracted foreign investor, which sparked life in the artery of Dubai Economic.

Sheikh Rashid was not satisfied with Dubai’s rapid growth and wanted the rocket renaissance. He developed the Emirates Airlines fleet so that investors and tourists can travel to Dubai from anywhere in the world. It is well known that the job of the official carrier is to market the country. Is there any doubt that the UAE has succeeded? Not only that, but the Jebel Ali Free Zone is one of the largest free zones in the world that enables the foreigner to acquire 100% with no contract of employment or sponsorship, and full exemption from tax in all its colors. The fastest growing free zone in the world.

In 1995, the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid, issued a decree appointing Mohammed Bin Rashid as The Crown Prince of The Emirate. He received the development of the legendary Mohammed Bin Rashid, who always aspires to be the first. He focused on marketing Dubai by the tourism sector, such as the Golf Championship, hotels filled through the construction of commercial complexes, the effectiveness of the Dubai Shopping Festival, and other Palm Island and other projects have always been number one in the world. Then he developed the free zone, and grew to 22 free zones in various industries from Including the media sector, information and communications technology. Mohammed Bin Rashid expect Dubai to be a model for studying at the most prestigious universities in order to emulate the countries that dream of universal.

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