Great habits of the most successful people before bedtime culture

Great habits of the most successful people before bedtime

Here are many wonderful habits of the most successful people before sleep to enhance their creations and time, such as the habits that these people do in the morning after waking up, such as organizing the work schedule or perhaps drink a cup of coffee, or habits of time management to work more creative and less effort.


1- Reading for one hour per day.

Bill Gates, a constantly hungry reader, pre-sleeps an hour to read on many exciting topics, such as the political events that took place throughout the day, as well as the tremendous benefit and knowledge gained from reading. Reading daily works to reduce nerve pressure and improve memory, English Essex for 2009.

  1. Completely separate from the virtual world before and during sleep.

After spending a stressful and difficult day at work, you do not need to sit and stare at your smart phone or device! Most of your work may be through the Internet or maybe all of it, so we should try to get away completely from the Internet and smart phones before sleep as well as keep the phone away from us during sleep.

According to some studies conducted at Harvard University on the disorders caused by smart phones during sleep, revealed that the presence of the phone next to you during sleep can disturb the rhythm of normal sleep in our bodies, forcing us to think about people or things related to it, such as will someone send a message or not ? Do I check Facebook a little before bed or not?


3 – Walk for a while.

Joel Gascoin, CEO of Buffer, has always used this man to set aside an hour before bed to walk in a quiet place. When asked about the reason for this habit, he said, “Walking for a while helps me get rid of the thoughts that permeate me all day, like thinking about work and thinking the next day. , I have to rest a little mental before bedtime in preparation for the next day. ”


  1. Meditation.

Oprah Winfrey used to devote a certain amount of time to sleep to clear her mind and meditate a little. To get rid of the burdens of thinking and preparing for the next day, some research and studies were done on 19,000 people who practiced meditation daily and the results were impressive.


5 – Extraction of creativity at night.

The title seems a bit strange, but I think it is the most appropriate. The night conceals a huge amount of creativity that you might not imagine. If you are a designer, it takes a blank and clear mind to show the design in the most creative way possible. Mental and intellectual impact on creativity in different times of the day.


  1. Planning for the next day.

Planning before bedtime is also an important factor in not wasting time the next day. Just the idea of ​​planning in the morning may be a big burden and a lot of time may be useless.

According to some studies conducted on some school students, students who plan before bedtime managed to organize their time and achieved the highest grades, especially in creative capacities.


But that is not all. Another time of the day is neglected by many, while it has a powerful factor in stimulating the mind and promoting creativity, a time before sleep, which plays a strong role in relaxation and good preparation for the next day.

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