Iceland: freedom and security without an army culture

Iceland: freedom and security without an army

Iceland may be a “submerged” state that you can not find very often in political and economic forums, living in peace in a world where conflicts are intensifying. In this report, we highlight things and facts that you may not know about Iceland, The positive and the top of some of them, and the negative side of those indicators, and their people live in freedom and security and peace in a manner that may be surprising.

1. The last globally in the index of slavery
Iceland is the world’s only slave to slavery, which is equivalent to a very small percentage of its population of 0.007%. Modern slavery is one person who owns or controls another person and denies him a great deal of individual freedom. Through its use, profiteering, displacement or dispossession. It also includes persons who are trafficked to “sex” or to be enslaved by “religion”.

2. The world’s last crime rates
Iceland has the lowest rate of crime in the world, and many people make fun of police work because they do not find what they do, so much so that the banks as an example have no police personnel. It was remarkable that in 2009 there was one murder during the year as a whole, All this safety and peace of crime without possessing an army!

3. Throwing pots dropped government officials.
A peaceful revolution of the Icelanders (2009-2011) resulted mainly from the drowning of pots and roads on metal surfaces. During the protest, government officials fell and others rose after this innovative method of protest.

4. More calm
Not only did that state enjoy this kind of calm and peace among humans, but it also extended to include almost nothing of one of the most disturbing creatures, mosquitoes, there is nothing about your ear and disturbing your sleep. That advantage has prompted some to make fun of making Iceland the best place in the world. !

5. Strange source of familiar energy
Iceland does not rely on non-renewable sources such as oil, but relies on a renewable energy source that may be unusual – “geothermal energy” – 85% of households in Iceland rely on “geothermal energy”, which comes from Icelandic volcanoes and volcanic eruptions, some call it “volcanic energy”, and use that energy to heat water and generate electricity.

6. Population
The population is about 10 million. This is not the population, but it is the population of the Atlantic Phelps, which is unique to Iceland and represents a food wealth. It is part of the national system. Its eggs, meat and feathers are used. No wonder, 350 thousand people, of which 120 thousand live in the capital.

7. The world’s first in the freedom of the Internet
Iceland topped the Freedom of the Internet Index according to the latest Freedom House report. Iceland ranked first for several reasons, the most important of which is that the Internet is available in Icelandic territory at 98%. Parliament has also enacted a number of laws that protect user rights and privacy, Breakthrough.

8. The first category is the Global Freedom Index
Iceland has also advanced in the Index of Freedom in general. In the Index of Global Freedom, the State was in the first category among the 7 categories and levels of the Global Freedom Index, which includes civil liberties and political rights. Of course, these data and freedom of press freedom, World Index.

9. A distinctive educational system
Iceland has a unique and unfamiliar education system. Basic schooling in Iceland starts from the age of 6 and ends at 16. If you decide to complete your studies and enter the college, you can enter the university from the age of 18 to 20 years. Iceland’s literacy rate is 99% of the population.

10. The longest fasting in the world
While the night is so long in Iceland that winter lasts up to 18 hours, the day is very long in the summer, so the sun is almost too hot to shine again. Iceland’s daylight hours reach 22 hours, and last Ramadan By 2015, Iceland was the world’s longest country in terms of hours of fasting, and about 100 Muslims there had to fast 21 hours and 50 minutes, and this video shows how the Muslims of Iceland fast.

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