Interesting facts about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau culture

Interesting facts about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Justin Pierre James Trudeau is a Canadian politician, Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Trudeau graduated from McGill University in 1994 and the University of British Columbia in 1998.
His popularity began to increase in 2000 when he delivered a speech at the funeral of his father, the former prime minister.

After his father died eight years ago, Trudeau entered politics and became prime minister on November 4, 2015. During his campaign, Trudeau said that if elected president would implement a 60 billion $ infrastructure improvement plan. Reducing taxes on middle-income Canadians and raising them to high-income people, promising to build good relations with indigenous people, and building a moral government, open to all races and full of transparency.

1. Justin Trudeau is the first second generation of prime minister (his father was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada, named Perry Elliot Trudeau).

2. Justin is Canada’s second-youngest prime minister. He was prime minister at the age of 43, and the youngest Canadian prime minister is Joe Clark, who was prime minister at the age of 39.

3. Justin participated in several charity boxing tournaments.

4. Justin participated in some of the roles (The Great War 2007)

5. Justin Trudeau is the first prime minister to be born in Ottawa, capital of Canada (born 1971, December 25).

6. Before becoming a politician, Justin was a high school teacher, he studied French, drama, and mathematics.

7. In one of the acting roles, Justin threw himself from the top of the stairs.

8. Justin Trudeau spent the next morning after his election success thanking Canadians at Montreal’s metro station.

9. Justin and Shimeen, which makes him the first prime minister owned by Shama (we know it).

10. Justin applied for the hand of his wife, Sophie, at the St. James Hotel at the old port, and then the couple set up their wedding at the same hotel.

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