The 7 Reasons Finland was the most powerful nation in education globally. culture

The 7 Reasons Finland was the most powerful nation in education globally.

The whole world commends Finland and its exemplary example of an innovative and prosperous educational system whose priority is the stakeholders in the entire educational system, pupils and students. International and American media are fascinated by Finland’s approach to the design of the education system. Observers say that Finland is able to be among the top three countries – according to the International Student Assessment Survey – this shows its overwhelming success and deserves close follow-up. What is the story of Finland?

The name of Finland may not be heard much in the arena of politics and crisis in the Middle East, but that small Scandinavian country focused primarily on the development of its educational system, becoming the world’s most education-based state in 2015 according to the Global Competitiveness Report. In this report, we highlight 7 of the most important reasons why Finland is at the forefront of education in the world, pointing to the most important characteristic of the education system in Finland:

1. Respect for education is part of identity.
Finland’s former Education Minister Bar Stanbak, when asked by one of the broadcasters to answer in one sentence, summed up the secret of Finnish excellence in education recommended by the authorities in Puerto Rico. The pride and respect for teaching and learning in Finland are fundamental aspects of Finnish culture. Finland has built its identity Nationalism since the 19th century by investing in EFA, and when it achieved independence, the primary objective was to further develop education

2. It is difficult to become a teacher.
The teachers are chosen very carefully, they must be highly qualified, enthusiastic and passionately interested in the profession and in the desire to help the other. It is not enough for a teacher to have a bachelor’s or a bachelor’s degree so that he can be a teacher, but he must have and only 11% of applicants are accepted to the position of teacher. This ensures that the most talented and enthusiastic applicants are eligible for the job.

3. Less working hours and more comfort One of the most important characteristics of education in Finland is that it focuses primarily on the depth of the studied content, rather than increasing the content and superficial handling. Teachers work in the classroom for 4 hours a day and 20 hours a week. Curriculum and student evaluation, and with reduced hours of study, the relative rest periods increase to 75 minutes distributed on the school day.

4. Students are not separated on the basis of their educational level.

5. Teacher-Student Intensity One of the advantages of Finland’s education system is that teachers stay with students for a long time, not limited to one year, but up to five years of schooling. This strengthens the relationship between teachers and students – only 20 students In one chapter – breaking the iceberg and getting close to them on a personal level, and the teacher is more aware of the different levels of students to deal with each student in a way that suits him.

6. Equality among students “Equality is the most important word in Finnish education. All political parties agree on the right and the left, “says Ole Lukinen, president of the Finnish Teachers Union

7. the proportion of those who are coming to the university
Finland has a high literacy rate of 93%, Finland has overtaken the United States by 17.5%, and Finland’s education force supports 66% of those graduates who are admitted to university colleges , Although there is no need to leave the school to enter the university, which is the largest proportion in Europe, although Finland spends on students coming to the university by 30% less than America

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