The strangest marriage customs in the world (2) culture

The strangest marriage customs in the world (2)

In Ireland:

There is a belief in the culture of the Irish people that there is a hidden Jinn all over the world.  The jinn steals  beautiful  things. This belief is reflected in the customs and traditions of marriage in Ireland.

Because the bride is the most beautiful on earth on her wedding day, so the Irish people fear that the Jinn will steal her away and therefore the bride should not lift her feet off the ground and keep her feet always touching the ground so as not to be kidnapped by Jinn.

South India:

She puts the groom in a harsh test, by taking him to the forest and being alone, and then setting the fire on.  One of the strangest Indian customs is what the bride does with the bridegroom. The bride puts the groom in a harsh test, by taking him to the forest and being alone, and then setting the fire on.

The bride begins to put the fire on the back of the bridegroom, and he must not suffer and does not feel pain to prove his strength and his manhood. If he succeeds in doing so, he will win it and be the future husband. If he does not succeed, he will become a laughingstock of the whole village.

In Guinea:

The bride is swimming in a pool of water and is completely naked in front of a group of men, if someone liked her then he will give her clothes , if she accept it and pick the clothes up ,then he will be her husband in front of everyone.

In Indonesia:

In Indonesia, it is forbidden for the bride to touch the ground with her feet so her father carries her on his back and walks her until he brings her to the groom’s house. There is no matter how the road or the distance between the two houses.

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