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Back Pain, Causes



Back pain is an important problem that we face frequently in our daily lives. Most people have experienced this problem at least once. It has various causes and therefore, you should focus on the symptoms and visit your doctor for treatment.

Back pain is categorized by either acute or chronic pain.

  1. Acute back pain appears suddenly or it last for less than six weeks.
  2. Chronic back pain lasts more than three months and is less common than acute pain.


Causes of back pain:


Mechanical Pain:

Frequent lifting of heavy things or sudden movements can cause spasms in the back. This kind of pain can be in the muscles, ligaments, or both.

Fractures or contusions:

Pain in the back may occur as a result of falling on the back or injury from a physical assault.

Spinal disc herniation or spinal disc rupture:

Between every two vertebrae, there is a vertebral disc. In the condition of herniation or rupture of the disc, back pain arises either locally or accompanied by pain in the lower extremities.

Spinal stenosis:

There is a space in the vertebral column called the spinal canal which holds the spinal cord.

If the spinal canal is narrowed due to degenerative or inflammatory causes, the patient will get back pain which may or may not be accompanied by additional pain in the lower extremities.

Spinal deformities:

Either spinal birth defects or deformities acquired over time can cause back pain.


Back pain may also be caused when one vertebrae (bone) slides forward over the vertebrae (bone) below it. This can happen from car accidents or other injuries that cause stressful force on the spine.


Osteoporosis can lead to compression fractures in the vertebrae and thus back pain.


These are not all the causes for back pain, but they are most common and therefore the most important. Living with back pain is an uncomfortable and sometimes serious problem.

It is always best to see a doctor and to follow their recommended course of action for treatment.

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