Can a person live longer and better? health

Can a person live longer and better?

Scientists have begun to wonder whether it is possible to circumvent the biological clock in the human body sometime. Is it possible to defeat diseases that usually occur in the elderly age such as Parkinson’s disease, cancer or cardiovascular disease?

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Gerontology in Cologne, Germany, focused on these important questions that occupy humanity, and analyzed tiny parts of the cell. The researchers studied what is known as mitochondria, a structure in the cell that is a few micrometers long.

Some scientists describe these mitochondria as energy reactors in human cells and play a pivotal role in advancing life, said Thomas Langer, the new director of the Max Planck Institute.

Langer said his mission at the institute was “to better understand the progress of life at a vital and molecular level and to address diseases related to aging.”

“The researchers are now trying to figure out how to prevent damage to these components from the cell,” he said. “This may help prolong the disease. Human life “.

Medical progress over the past 100 years has dramatically increased human life, with 4.9 million people in Germany, for example, at least 80 years old, according to the Federal Statistics Office, which is expected to rise to at least 10 million by 2008. 2050.

There is also an increase in the number of those at a much older age, with at least 100 people in Germany at around 14,000 and 400 years in 2011. The Federal Statistics Office predicted that the number of those over the age of 100 would rise to 26 “There are a lot of promising studies in which researchers can prolong the lives of mice, but that happens only during experiments,” says Langer.

“It’s not right to say right now that we can apply something to humans in the near future,” Langer said. “I do not think we have reached a final point in terms of how long a person can live,” he said.

Christiana Vobin, a medical ethics expert, said the quality of life from a certain age is more important than longevity. Vobin, who heads the European Council on Medical Ethics, said medicine and science in general aim to avoid severe suffering, and that their main aim is not to prolong human life.

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