Premature Birth affects Intelligence? health

Premature Birth affects Intelligence?

Children born prematurely have a lower cognitive and mental capacity than children born in their natural time. Previous scientific research has indicated a link between preterm birth and difficulties in brain development.

In a study supervised by doctors at Yale University, children born prematurely are younger than their normal peers, making them more prone to learning problems in their later lives. The results of the study also pointed out that the lower the age of premature babies, the weaker the IQ.

A study in Denmark found that increasing the child’s weight at birth reflected positively on his intelligence, and believed that the reason for this parity is due to the fetus has the necessary elements necessary during pregnancy, which is an important period for brain development and development.

A medical report in the Independent newspaper found that children born 26 weeks or less were more likely to suffer from physical and mental problems and lower IQ compared with children born after a full pregnancy.

In addition to the physical and mental dangers of children born prematurely from the moment of confrontation with this world, a recent British study reported that these people were less successful in their practical and scientific lives, and their economic and financial situation was weaker after analyzing their life conditions in adulthood.

If we know that global estimates say that there are about 15 million children coming to this world before their natural time, we realize the magnitude of the tragedy left by birth prematurely.

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