The fruit is useful … and smells too! health

The fruit is useful … and smells too!

Fruits are the most important sources of food for the body because they contain basic components are very useful for health, being rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.


In addition to its nutritional importance, fruits have great benefits. They protect the body, protect against colds, support the immune system, protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer, fight constipation, increase the risk of high blood pressure and reduce the risk of kidney stones.


And if the fruits are useful in their milk, husks and seeds, the smell is also beneficial. In this context, European studies have shown the importance of the smell of orange in calming the nerves of patients who are anxious, fear and depression.

It has become clear that women are more affected by the smell of oranges than men, adding new benefit to the list of benefits enjoyed by this fruit, which some describe as a complete pharmacy because of its wonderful components that increase appetite, improve digestion, and maintain the gums, Of the harmful effects of oxidation processes behind free chemical electrolytes.


Japanese researchers have already tested the response of mice infected with distress to a plant compound named Linalul smells good. This compound is found in several plants, such as lavender, orange, lemon, basil, grapes and others.

After half a group of rats was exposed for two hours to the smell of linoleol, scientists observed that the changes in the chemical and immunological indicators caused by stress were lower in mice that inhaled the smell of linalol than other non-inhaled mice. This finding is promising if confirmed in humans, because it will enable to know the effect of smells on some of the phenomena that occur in the body.


The researchers at the French University of Dijon had an astonishing experience of the smell of pear. They collected 115 people, half of whom were placed in a room that smelled pearly, while the other half was isolated in a hall without the smell of any fruit.

Two hours later, The two rooms find themselves in front of a large buffet with various fruit and cake desserts. So what happened

Experienced supervisors noticed that the majority of participants who inhaled the scent of pear chose fruit candy, while the other group preferred to eat the cakes.

If you are feeling depressed or have some anxiety these days, why do not you think about putting a bowl of fragrant fruit in your home or work place? Who knows? Its delicious smell can help you relax, and perhaps increase your consumption of fruits.

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