10 tips to take advantage of our time life

10 tips to take advantage of our time


Many of us have the same advice: “Reorganize your time” by preparing a schedule that will exhaust every activity from time to time.

Trying to shorten it or rearrange it in the schedule of daily activities, with the need to arrange this table according to the importance of each activity (most important and important.


Here are 10 tips to help you organize your time:

  1. Make lists of things to be done daily.
  2. Invest in the quiet hour (the time spent investing in planning and thinking).

3 – Collect similar tasks.

  1. Identify the target and specify the target completion date.
  2. Set priorities and prioritize tasks.

6 – Do the main work, and authorized others in other works.

  1. Manage your papers well, papers need authorization, others need quick action, some are deferred and saved in a file, and part is disposed of.
  2. Avoid postponement, procrastination and procrastination

9 – Do the tasks not liked first.

  1. Pay attention to lost time.

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