Avoid these mistakes while talking to others… life

Avoid these mistakes while talking to others…

Talking is one of the most important ways in which a person can communicate his or her feelings, and thoughts to the person he or she is talking to.

On the basis of the way of speaking, they can convey a positive feeling towards the person who listens and the listener. The process of speaking is an integral part of the listening process. Oxidation and reduction.


Avoid these mistakes while talking to others

  1. Do not adapt your message to listeners.

If you do not talk to your listeners about themselves or what they want to conclude from your speech, you will not be able to attract their attention.

  1. The glowing looks.

In many cases even professional speakers quickly looking at the audience without specifying a destination or explaining a message.

  1. Dispersion of behavior.

For instances: the speed of movement, holding anything that makes sound, moving the ring in the finger, licking lips, tampering with hair or clothes, restlessness pen, put your arms behind your back and others.

  1. Low power.

The enthusiasm of giving is indispensable to attract the attention of the audience to your talk because speaking with a little energy is boring to listeners.

  1. Repetition.

Repetition leads to boredom.

  1. Dumping Information.

Talking, talking, talking, and giving a lot of information during the show can cause headaches, boredom and loss of hope.

  1. Not inspirational.

While activating the use of the right part of the mind you also need the right part that responds to activities, stories, emotions, examples, imagination, colors, sounds and sense.

Many studies say that the first decision it takes is based on emotions. Attendance should be affected by your words and actions. They must love what you say and be inspired to give them hope, or make them able to overcome fear.

  1. The talk does not contain interruptions.

This is another bad habit followed by some speakers or may be overlooked by their hyperactivity, which is happening for long periods without stopping.

  1. The strong editorial neglect.

The start is the most important part of attracting the attention of listeners to you, but it is usually a lot of speakers neglecting the introduction is not very important in their point of views.

  1. Use too much or too little joking.

It is difficult to quantify the amount of jokes in your speech if you do not know the audience.

  1. Reading from the prepared presentation.

Your presentation is important so you do not forget everything you want to say.

  1. Frequent apology.

You may have been late and would like to tell listeners what happened to you or that the trip took a lot of time and you want to explain why it did not happen or want to tell them

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