Care of the elderly! life

Care of the elderly!


When a person becomes old he often needs help with practical things in everyday life. Elderly people who need support and assistance are entitled to these rights in accordance with the law.

While in other countries, family and relatives can usually take care of the elderly, it is society that provides such support. The family is often involved in the lives of older persons. Elderly care is governed by the Social Services Act and the Health Care and Medical Care Act.


The purpose of caring for the elderly is that an elderly person can live a high quality, independent life safely. Older people must be able to engage in meaningful activities in partnership with others.



Many elderly people want to stay at home for as long as possible and today there are great possibilities to stay and live in the home with the support of the community and many forms of accommodation adapted to the need. The municipality can help with care and provide services to stay in your home. This service is called home.

For example, household servants help you clean your house, buy food, arrange your bed, shower, or shave your chin. You can also get help in the evenings and night. If you have a disease or injury, you can visit a nurse to change the bandages or to help you take the medicine.

In many municipalities there are also staff who can help you with minor repairs. These are called repair services. An employee of repair services for example can hang you in a panel on a wall or change the curtains. The purpose among many things is to avoid the elderly person falling and hurting himself.

If one feels that it is not safe to stay and live at home, there are other possibilities for housing for the elderly.

Housing for the elderly and safe housing are forms of accommodation adapted to the elderly, for example containing low threshold and wide elevators in addition. Lenders usually require that the person be at least 55 years of age to move into the elderly, an old-age home or safe housing. For housing in the elderly or safe housing, one needs a permit from the municipality. You rent or buy accommodation at your own initiative.


The Elderly Services House is a form of private housing owned by the municipality where the elderly rent apartments for them. Before a person moves to the Elderly Services Center, an investigation is conducted to study the needs of that person. At the Elderly Services Center, the elderly pay fees for help with cleaning the house, cooking food and the like. Private housing is also called collective housing, is a residential health care for the elderly who need comprehensive care throughout the day. For a place in private housing, someone has to have great medical and social needs and needs care throughout the day.

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