Dealing with Sexual Harassment! life

Dealing with Sexual Harassment!


When a person is sexually assaulted, he/she  has a desire to separate from the event, to distance him from his memory and to completely forget him. Many studies suggest that this effort often fails and increases the feeling of anxiety and isolation when victims of sexual assault.

Therefore, the authorities, whatever the case, ask victims of sexual abuse to go to the various help centers and support agencies that can contribute to dealing with this attack.

These centers call victims of sexual abuse to go to them as soon as possible after the event so that their treatment is effective and that they do not accumulate the various problems that need to be treated. These centers offer a wide range of support and assistance programs for victims of sexual abuse, so that they do not have to face the event on their own. If they have difficulty identifying themselves, they can use emergency lines that allow them to remain anonymous.


These centers provide assistance to victims of sexual abuse in several ways:

First, if the victim is a minor, they accompany her to the police, where she – with their assistance – has to file a complaint, as well as in cases where the victim wants to file a complaint but does not know how to do so.

Second: The Center shall provide medical assistance if necessary. It also collects information about the victim, so that he can address it in the present and in the future. The center’s treatment relates to the age of the victim, the support systems available to him, the nature of the damage, the difficulties that may be encountered, and other matters.

After the sexual assault, the other family members are also in a state of shock. In this case, counseling can be an important factor in dealing with this event. It is important to recognize that the victim is not only assaulted by the victim, but also by her family members from the moment they know about it.

Here, the various factors affecting the subject matter, for example, whether the sexual assault occurred once or for a long time, whether the aggressor was a stranger or known to the family, sex and age of the victim, his health and psychological condition, and others. These factors can have a significant impact, both in how the family treats the event, or on the structure of the family, as well as the relationships within it. All this also depends on religious matters, family structure, family attitude of sexual issues, men – women, family origins and others.


The orientation of family counseling, starting the process of family rehabilitation, provides a base for support and a place to analyze the event emotionally. During the counseling phase, the family receives guidance and assistance, both at the level of dealing with the event, and at the level of support and assistance to the affected person (who has been attacked) both now and in the future

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