List of the most important Free On-Line educational platforms in English (1) life

List of the most important Free On-Line educational platforms in English (1)


Founded in 1999, it is an abbreviation for Academy of You. It contributes to the training and education of more than 80,000 visitors a day. More than 19,000 teachers and instructors participate in its programs. It is the ideal choice for those looking for specialized courses such as engineering, graphic design, Business administration, programming and many more, and offers lessons in most languages ​​spoken, including Arabic, and some of these courses for a sum of money and some are free.


Founded in 1995 by Linda Winman, recently purchased by LinkedIn for the equivalent of $ 1.5 billion, it reflects its success. It offers online learning courses in various fields. It also offers subscription services to universities and institutes. Recently, the site has been based on YouTube in video publishing. Education.

Khan Academy

Founded in 2006 by the American educator and businessman Salman Khan, a non-profit organization based on donations, it began with mathematics and computational science, expanded to include other sciences, and was internationally acclaimed. Bill Gates described Khan as the best educational experience of our time the talk.


In partnership with many universities, it provides educational content in various disciplines with regular curriculum and follow-up with the teacher, allows students to communicate with their peers at those universities and conduct tests.

Open Education Consortium

It contains hundreds of higher education institutions and organizations active in the field of open and free education through the Internet. This site offers thousands of courses and courses in various fields and classifications including computer science, programming and others.

MIT Open Course Ware

Founded in 2001 as a huge platform to deliver the highest quality educational content through online participation of all MIT courses, courses and courses, including a range of computer science courses and courses offered by professionals in the field.

MIT Office of Digital Learning

Is the second site of the Institute, and you can register for free, and access to lessons and courses, some disciplines will be seen through the first site ocw then you are automatically transferred to this site.

MIT World video

Is another service provided by the Institute to all science seekers, especially lectures and conferences on a variety of subjects, including computer science, and everything related to this area, but through the clips.


Founded in 2007, it contains 750 free online courses from top publishers on various topics through interactive multimedia. The registration page for each course contains a summary of the subject, the curriculum and time required to complete the study requirements.

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