List of the most important Free On-Line educational platforms in English (2) life

List of the most important Free On-Line educational platforms in English (2)


It offers hundreds of free courses in various disciplines such as medicine, engineering, science, mathematics, history, education and teaching, arts, design, programming and many other subjects. Berkeley University, MIT and Harvard University.


TED has recently launched short lessons – about 4 minutes – in the form of educational video clips interactively interactive with the user based on the previous visual videos launched by the site, in addition to creating special lessons for the site, some of which include mathematics, including many puzzles, Familiar with mathematics, it also allows you to watch practical experiments and conduct interactive tests.


The first source for many programmers and developers around the world, it contains a full explanation of most languages ​​design and programming and development of websites, such as: ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and jQuery. It provides detailed explanations of programming languages ​​in a sequential and organized manner and provides a wide range of free exercises, explanations, tools and resources.

University of the People

Founded by entrepreneur Shay Rachif, to be the first university of its kind, based on distance learning, licensed since 2014 by the American Distance Learning Agency, it allows to study electronically and free of charge in various disciplines, in partnership with US government and private universities, but in In case of obtaining certificates from the university, the student pays for the tests.

United Nations University

The United Nations Academic Studies and Research Suite, and offers fully free e-learning courses, available for download or online viewing as PDF, within the areas of economics, international relations and e-government.

Cosmo Learning

It is a database that classifies subjects according to subjects such as civil engineering, physics, aeronautics and many more. It makes you start from the beginning, and performs post-completion tests to ascertain the extent of absorption. Each course has a sidebar showing the site’s availability and the number of students who have studied this. Curriculum, and lecturer information. Lectures are available only in video format, no assignments or other teaching materials are available.

Open Culture

It contains 1200 free courses, and educational content from different universities around the world, in a simple and simple way to browse in various subjects in addition to hundreds of free books, research and scientific treatises.

Academic Earth

Founded in 2009 as an archival platform that contains many educational courses in various fields such as arithmetic, engineering and computer science, from prestigious universities such as Harvard University and Stanford University, classified by universities to ensure access to the required materials easily.

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