A great victory for MUN sport

A great victory for MUN

Sunday, 25 February, 2018.

In the chasing match in Premier League, England’s record Soccer champions Manchester United has won abig game against Chelsea (2-1). The victory was not easy and fought hard.

The red Devils have moved to the second place after their unexpected win with 59 points in the Premier League. The Londoners, Mourinho’s former club Chelsea slipped to the fifth place followed by Tottenham Hotspur.

In addition to that, the result of the game made the coach of Chelsea under pressure of the administration and fans.

Chelsea professional player Willian had taken the blues to lead after 32 minutes (1-0). Later on,  the Belgian striker Lukaku has succeeded  to make a neutral result before the end of the first half by scoring for United and made it (1-1)

The Red Devils did not feel like sharing a point and scored the winning goal by Jesse Lingard (75’) after a grateful pass from Lukaku.

On the other hand, Sunday game was so interesting and Tottenham achieved a hard won against Crystal Palace. Tottenham Hotspur won the result of (1-0) after Harry Kane hardly scored in the min. (88.) and secured the three Points for his team With 55 points and make them in the Spurs take fourth place.


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