Surprise: Saint-Germain thinking of a reciprocal deal with Barcelona sport

Surprise: Saint-Germain thinking of a reciprocal deal with Barcelona

Press reports revealed a surprise of the high caliber about the desire of Paris Saint-Germain, to conclude a reciprocal deal with Barcelona Club.

According to the newspaper “Mundo Deportivo,” St Germain is considering getting the services of Brazilian Felipe Coutinho, the star of Barcelona, ​​in exchange with the French player Kélian Mbabi to the Catalan team, next summer.

The newspaper said that one of the members of the technical staff of St. Germain, presented to Barcelona. The idea of ​​including Mbabi is to receive a sum of money, in exchange for allowing the departure of Coutinho to the Garden princes.

At the end of the report, the newspaper pointed out that Manchester City wants to include Mbabe in a deal not less than 300 million euros. Barcelona is not thinking of spending the money, owned by Philippe Coutinho, who has a friendly relationship with Neymar.

Coutinho joined FC Barcelona last month for 160 million euros and Paris Saint-Germain will make the option of buying Mbabi from Monaco next summer for 180 million euros.

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