Zidan praised his team sport

Zidan praised his team

After an important and clever Victory in München Zinedine Zidane praised his team’s ability to get the job done after suffering during parts of the match.

The Frenchman said in his post-match press conference:

“We had to suffer, but in the end we did it, we got an important result,”

Then he added:

“You can’t play a Champions League match without suffering”.

“It’s a shame we lost Isco, but then Marco came on and made a difference”.

“Everyone has to suffer and work without the ball”.

About Dani Carvajal’s injury he intimated

“He’s picked up an injury, he doesn’t think it’s overly serious. We’ll have to wait for the scans”.

Zidan was satisfied of the performance of his goalkeeper despite the incident

“[Navas] gives everything ” added the Blancos coach.

” The error belongs to everyone, in the beginning of the match we were out of positions , then [the goal] is a consequence of errors, he has made two or three saves and has been very good.”

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